driven to do good

The Trendsetters

We are a network of young people driven by a burning desire and guided by Christian values to deploy our resources to help bring prosperity  in our respective communities . We are mindful of the fact that prosperity should and will be spearheaded by us  young people  through excellent Social Enterprise.

We create and facilitate opportunities to learn – through courses, workshops and events – as well as providing informed, credible, high-content, extremely effective materials rooted in scientific and biblical reflection. We also engage with wider society providing a platform for exchanging Leadership and Business related information; creating contacts and links; facilitating business partnerships and networking.

Trendsetters are just ordinary young individuals who provide extraordinary service to themselves, their families and their communities despite themselves facing extremely challenging situations.  Brenden Foster and Omar Kombe are typical Trendsetters.

Brenden Stephen Foster  was a 11 year old boy from Bothell, Washington, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2005. KOMO, a local broadcasting station, reported the story of Brenden’s last wish, which was to feed the homeless, on 7 November 2008. The story inspired many, and prompted attention from national media such as CNN and the Associated Press, even drawing international attention.The Seattle Seahawks NFL franchise paid for Brenden’s funeral; he is buried at Evergreen Washelli Cemetery in Seattle, Washington. [Read more]

Omar R. Kombe  was born  in rural Shinyanga – Tanzania. At a very young age Mr. Kombe had a strong passion to make a difference in his community. But like many other children in rural Tanzania Omar had a troubled childhood. Kombe lived with his mum after his parents separated when he was a toddler.  From this tender age Omar had to take care of himself because his mum was too poor to provide for him. After so many trials and tribulations Omar  co-founded New Hope Family Street Children Home two years ago. As the name suggests NFSCH currently offers basic services such as food and shelter to about 50 children of mixed age and sex.  [Read more…]


1.  Life Purpose

We believe every one of us was perfectly created and equipped with natural talents for a specific purpose here on earth; purpose that serves needs and improves lives of others. For this reason, we strongly believe that to discover our perfect life purpose and excel at it is an ultimate measure of our obedience to God our creator. This is the trendsetter’s nature

2. Excellent Service

We believe that the quality of life on earth is directly proportional to the quality of service one gives to others. To enjoy great prosperity we must work hard to solve social problems, meet needs and provide best possible service to others especially the weakest among us. We also believe that top quality service demands empathy, integrity, commitment, diligence, and sacrifice. This is the Trendsetter’s character.

3. Spiritual Development

We believe that it is impossible to uphold the above values without the help of the Holy Spirit. To discover our divine purpose we need the help of the Holy Spirit. To develop the Trendsetter’s character we need spiritual strength. This is because character is spiritual in nature and is, as the bible says, the product of the Holy Spirit. So to discover divine purpose and draw spiritual power we must maintain constant intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit through worship, prayer and acting on the Word of God. This is the Trendsetter’s lifestyle.


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